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BLOG POST CHECKLIST: Things you should do to your blog post before you hit publish.


If you’re a blogger, then I think we can both agree that writing blog posts isn’t a joke. There’s quite a lot that goes into blogging.

After spending hours on writing your next blog post, you’re finally done! You only need to hit that publish button and then it’s time to sit back and relax!

You’re the content creator, editor, marketer, SEO specialist and more. But you my friend are a game changer I can tell.

But before you hit publish and share your post with the world, you might want to wait a little bit longer……I mean, don’t you want to be sure that you’re providing your readers with amazing, top-notch, flawless content? So since you really want to craft awesome posts that are read, loved, and shared this post is for you.

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Blog post Checklist

If so, I advise you to read this blog post first. I have compiled a list for you with all the things you need to do before you press publish. I use this list for all of my blog posts as well and it helps me a lot!

Hopefully, it will be helpful to you too. As a blogger, we have numerous different tasks to remember! And from my own experience I know I always forget to remember at least one of all these tasks if I don’t go over this checklist before publishing. It’s just so tempting to publish your posts too fast right?

But when you don’t take the time to check your posts thoroughly, chances are you’ll later discover the dumbest typos or a layout that looks a bit sloppy or you find yourself to be stuck on a permalink that you can’t change any more. Such a waste!!!

So, please, be smart and use my checklist. You’ll thank yourself later!

Things you should do to your Blog Post Before you Hit Publish

  • Write an effective post title/catchy title

This is the most important part of your blog post.

It is the reason why people decide to click on your post (or not) when it appears in the search results. Use it to convince potential readers to read your post. Ask yourself if you would click on this title if you were looking for similar information.

If your title is weak – even if your content is great – then people are less likely to click through and actually read it.

By creating a persuasive and descriptive title you’ll get more people to check it out.

  • Clear Introduction

The beginning of your post is the perfect moment to grab the attention of your readers.

Therefore, make sure you have a clear, not overly long introduction that answers the following questions.

  • Which topic are you discussing in this post?
  • Why did you choose to write about the topic?
  • What problem do you solve for your readers?
  • Deep Link to past posts

Deep linking is basically just the practice of linking to past posts in a new post. So, each time you write a post that mentions a topic you’ve written about before, you can link to that previous post. This both gives your readers more information about your topic and also keeps people on your site longer.

  • Optimize for SEO. Make Sure your Post is SEO Friendly

What is SEO?

SEO basically means to design and configure your website in such a way the search engines will like your site and rank your posts in the search results of the search engines.

To receive organic traffic to your blog, you need your website to be optimized for SEO, which is short for search Engine Optimization.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an absolute must and should not be ignored. With the right SEO, your blog and income have the opportunity to grow tremendously because it will drive search engine peeps to your website.

If you’re on WordPress, I recommend downloading the Yoast SEO plugin (I talked about it here)

The Ultimate Blog post checklist
  • Add “ALT TEXT” to your Images for one reason

That reason? For most themes, the alt text is what will automatically be added to the “description” when someone pins an image from your site.

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  • Add a Featured Image (on WordPress)

Featured images can be important for a number of reasons. They can be used in the layout of your blog in a variety of ways e.g. as the image that is automatically pulled to be used in a “Trending posts” slider.

Also, if you use Astra theme, yout posts featured image is the image that appears with your post.

  • Add a Question at the End to Encourage Discussion

One of my favorite parts of a blog post is what happens after I hit publish: receiving comments. I love hearing other people’s perspectives and answering questions that people have asked.

By asking a question at the end of a post, it encourages people to comment.

In the online world, people often need a little “call to action” to actually do something.

  • Meta Description

Did you add a description to the Meta tag?

The Meta description is the text you see in the search results in Google. This tiny piece of text determines together with your title, whether the searcher will click on your link or on someone else’s link for the matter. That’s the main reason to always add a description to your Meta tags.

  • Create Pinnable Images

Are you going to promote your blog posts on pinterest? Then you need to make pinnable images.

In case you’re not planning to promote your posts on this awesome platform, I want to ask you; why not?

If there’s one easy way to promote your blog posts and get free traffic to your blog quickly, it’s with pinterest.

Check out my pinterest page to see how I organize my feed

  • Proofread

Are sure you’ve corrected all the typos?

You don’t have to be perfect; your readers will forgive you for a small spelling mistake, but as I know from my own experience, you often become blind to your own mistakes during the writing process.

Take a little break from your blog post when you’re finished with the writing process. Get some rest. When you’re focusing on other things for a while and allowing your eyes to rest a bit, you’ll find more errors in your content than if you go over it immediately after you wrote it.

This is why you should always perform a spelling check. You can use tools like Grammarly to check your text for spelling, grammar, and style errors.

Other Tips for Flawless Blog Posts:

  • Ask someone to proofread for you. Maybe you can agree with another blogger to check each other’s posts. Ask your partner, your daughter/son, a good friend.
  • I’m looking for a blogger to proofread my posts! Especially because English is not my mother tongue. I will gladly return the favor to you. So if you’re interested send an email to
  • You can hire a proofreader on Fiverr.
  • Publish the Post

Your blog post is ready to be published! You can finally click on that publish button now!! Go ahead; you deserve it. Time to sit back and enjoy your new perfected blog post that you can now share with the world


Also let me know if you would be interested in things you should do when you hit the publish button.

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Nuela Obi.


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  1. this is such a great list and very helpful! I think a clear introduction and a catchy title are great tips as well as SEO! Sometime we don’t concentrate enough on a catchy title, thank you for sharing x

  2. I’ve been blogging for a while now but it’s always good to look back and make sure you’re not forgetting to do things over time. Blogging is a lot more work than just typing and clicking publish. Thanks for the good reminders.

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