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International Women’s Day 2021: An Interview with Chief Vera


International Women’s Day (IWD) is an annual event to celebrate women’s achievements and spread the message of female empowerment and gender equality across the world.

I believe our diversity is our strength. As we celebrate International Women’s Day today, we celebrate the achievements of women around the world.

To kick off the celebration, I’ve asked Chief Vera, a Youtuber and Content Creator, a few questions on her experience achieving success in the Content Creation industry and what advice she has for women entering the workforce today.

I like that she has a warm personality and she was so open in this interview.       

As usual, lots of wisdom balls packed up in a short read. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this as much as I did.

Ladies and gentlemen, the beautiful Chief Vera….                         

  1. What Does the International Women’s Day Slogan #choosetochallenge means for your work life?

This means that in my field of work, I will continue to ask and fight against inequality and bias. Oftentimes, women in the media are taken unserious, some as sex objects whereas some of us face constant assault to our person.

As a YouTuber, I’m often faced with the challenges of not being allowed to film in certain places simply because I’m female or have the need to compulsorily go to some locations with a male figure before I’m given permission or audience.

This has to STOP.

We’ve been fighting against this, and this year, we are raising our hands high and our voices higher to challenge these inequalities and bias against us in all ramifications.

2. How Did YouTube Begin for You?

YouTube began for me as a means to create an online community of people from different backgrounds coming together for a common purpose of either simply interaction or entertainment. I had a passion for the media, I was writing before I decided to take it a notch higher by making videos.

YouTube was the platform that could give a wide range of audiences I am looking for, and still fetch me money, so I took my craft to YouTube.

3. In Your Opinion, What 3 Things is Necessary for Success on YouTube?




4. What do you Love Most about Your Work?

I love that I create what means something to me and my audience. And that I also get to affect lives positively with my job.

5. What’s the Best Piece of Advice you’ve ever received?

Keep building. The toughest times are usually times closest to the big break. Don’t hang up yet!

6. If you could Advice someone chasing their Dreams Out There Now, You’d tell them to?

I will tell him/her the same best advice I was given. I will also add that you don’t stop showing up because no one is applauding yet. People are taking note of your little efforts; they only want to know if you’re serious with whatever you have going on. They will come around either as Investors or as Fans.

7. What would you do if you didn’t do YouTube?

I would be in the dental clinic practicing.

8. What’s on Your Mind Today Begin International Women’s Day?

We’ve earned our spots and there shouldn’t be any more second thoughts about giving us what is rightfully ours. We’ve done it all and will do more.

Don’t forget to check Chief Vera out on YouTube.

That’s it Guys!!

Stay Inspired!!

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Nuela Obi.


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  1. My favorite blogger with one of my favorite YouTuber, met Chief Vera at the Enugu grill and mingle event, great personality. Amazing content as always Nuela, keep up the good work. Happy Women’s day to you both and every woman out there.

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