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Natural Hair Removal At Home: How to Make Your Own Sugar Wax Hair Removal in 5 Minutes in 2021.


If you’re familiar with getting your hair professionally waxed, you know how painful that can be like “Oh my Gosh” I don’t want to remember how I used to feel, when I used to get my hair professionally waxed. Trust me it can be really painful but with this particular sugar wax am about to talk about, it is less painful and a very effective way of removing hair from your body and also guys we use all-natural homemade products for this particular wax. And also I noticed when I use this particular sugar wax it takes my hair quite a way to grow like we are talking from 28-30 days unlike when I shave or use gel. That is one amazing thing I love about this sugar wax. The fact that it pulls the hair right from the follicles so it takes quite a while before the hair grows back.

I’ll be describing in detail how I make my sugar wax hair removal and the best part of it is, you can get it done in under 5 minutes. Amazing right?

So here it goes


1. Sugar: it’s a naturally ingredient and the most essential for this wax.

Natural hair removal

2 Lemon Extract/ juice: Rich in vitamin C, B and it’s also a citrus fruit that helps rejuvenate the skin.

sugar wax hair removal

3 Water

hair removal

4 Jar/Container: to store the wax

sugar wax hair removal

5 A spatula


6 Cotton fabric strip

hair removal

7 Sauce pan

sugar wax hair removal


So when making the wax you’ll want to add the sugar, lemon juice, and water, then give it a nice stir. After which you bring it to boil for 3-5 minutes. Personally, I don’t like boiling the mixture for such a long time because it comes out very brownish in color, so I prefer to have it somewhat like a golden caramel color. Make sure you monitor and stir continuously until you can see the wax changing color. It changes quickly xo be vigilant.

Once I feel like have achieved the desired color I bring it down to cool for about 4-5 minutes, and then transfer it into the jar. While in the jar, I keep stirring to help thicken the wax.


First I love to do is cleanse, exfoliate, and mattify my skin. To do that I love to use a makeup removal cleanser. You want to make sure your skin is free from any oil or dirt. After will go ahead to mattify my skin using a baby powder, which is very mild. This helps the water to stick onto the skin during waxing.

Make sure the wax is cool enough to go on the skin to avoid burn. Apply the wax in the opposite direction of your hair growth. Also, make sure you saturate the wax on the hair and go in with the fabric. When applying the fabric, you want to make sure you leave a space, where you can easily hold while pulling.

Then once you’re ready, you can go ahead and pull in the direction of your hair growth and you can see the hair all covered in the wax.

This wax can be used anywhere on the body, be it your arm, leg, pubic areas, your underarm etc.

NB:  This wax is applied against the direction of your hair growth and removed in the natural direction of your hair growth resulting in less pain and eliminating hair breakage.

Once you’re done waxing, you can use aloe vera gel or very cold water to close up your pores since they are very much open after waxing. Sugar waxing absolutely leaves your skin feeling super soft and baby-like and I LOVE IT.

 You can store the remaining wax in your refrigerator until your next use. This can last you up to 2-3 months. Once you’re ready to use it again simply put it in the microwave.

And………that’s it!! That’s how you make your sugar wax in your house by yourself.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial.

Did you find this blog helpful? Go ahead and try it and tell me what you think.

Thanks for Reading.

Yeah……till next time.

Nuela Obi     


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