Movie recommendation 2021.

Weekend Movie Recommendation.


Movies to See Over the Long Weekend.

Need a movie Recommendation for the weekend? Here are 5 of them.

Looking for a movie to see to tonight or this weekend?

There are so many movies on Netflix, YouTube that choosing one to watch is an intense decision that can take up your entire weekend.

Luckily, I’m here to help. Every week, I look through what’s available on the streaming service and also movies that I saw during the week and recommend 5 movies you can watch over the weekend.

Some of my selections are from YouTube while some are from Netflix. I will explain why.

Some people might prefer short YouTube series while some might prefer Netflix movies. Xo I gat you all.

Ready?? Let’s get started….


Directed by Cris D’Amato. Produced by Roberto Ballo.

The movie features Oliveira Gomes, Laila Zaid, Maisa silva, Marcelo Medici, Eduardo Moscovis, Roberto Bonfim, Fata de Belem and Thalita Reboucas.

Double Dad tells a story of a teen whose life turns upside down when her boyfriend impregnates both her and a new student at school.

Double Dad is currently streaming on Netflix.


is a short Nollywood web series currently on YouTube. The movie is directed by Jide J blaze Oyegbile. Produced by Efe Irele.

The movie features Efe Irele, Sophie Alakija, Okawa Shaznay, Chris Okagbue and many more.

Grow up or nuts is being released episode by episode. Currently they are in Episode 6.

 First Episode: kicks off with the start in Reki and Mudi’s challenges while trying to move house.

Second Episode: Describes the real hustle in Lagos.

Third Episode: Here, it’s a love life struggle for Reki and Mudi as Lagos boys would always be Lagos boys.

Fourth Episode: Mudi’s mum visits and goes snooping around. You won’t believe what she discovered.

Fifth Episode: Mudi sets blind dates for Reki. Their friend kiki was embarrassed by her sugar daddy’s wife.

Sixth Episode: Haven’t seen it because it just dropped yesterday.

Grow up or Nuts is available on SetwerkTv channel on Youtube.


Directed by Zak Hilditch. Produced by Ross .M. Dinerstein.

The movie features Apollonia Pratt, Carmen Ejogo, Spenser Mabrey, Emma Greenwell, David Yow, Theo Rossi and Debriana Mansini.

Rattlesnake tells a story of a single mother who accepts the help of a mysterious woman after her daughter is bitten by a rattlesnake, she finds herself making an unthinkable deal with the devil to repay the stranger.

Rattlesnake is available on Netflix.


is a short Nollywood web series currently on YouTube. If you love web series like The Men’s Club, Skinny Girl in Transit and My name is A zed, trust me you will love this movie.

The movie is directed by Belinda Yanga. Produced by Lydia Idakula- Sobogun.

The movie features Ikechukwu Onunaku, Chimela Azurunwa, Kiki Omeli, Jeffrey Knau, Omoye Uzamere, Anee Icha, Teniola Aladese and many more.

The movie is being released Episode by Episode. Currently on Episode 4.

The movie tells the story of Tade, a brilliant business developer trying to get her life back on track after a series of failures, Leo, a millionaire hotel entrepreneur defying the odds to keep his business in the green and a little black book of gorgeous women, unfolding truths and hidden desires between them.

Little Black Book is available on The Naked Convos channel on YouTube.


Directed by Scott Frank.

The movie features Anya Taylor Joy, Christiane Seidel, Bill Camo, Rebecca Root, Jacob Fortune-Lloyd and Matthew Dennis Lewis.

The Queen’s Gambit tells a story of an orphan chess prodigy, during her quest to become the world’s greatest chess player while struggling with emotional problems.

The Queen’s Gambit Season 1 is currently available on Netflix with 7 episodes.

That is it Guys.

Feel free to drop you own recommendation for me in the comment section.

Also let me know if you have seen any of the movies I recommended.

Thanks for Reading.

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Yeah….till next time

Nuela Obi.


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